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Oranginer Men's Barefoot Minimalist Cross Training Shoes OB1 - Black/Gold

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  • Wide Toe Box Design - Wide enough toe box allows your toes to relax and spread out naturally for more comfort and stability in uphill climbs and downhill descents, helping with balance and giving you better feedback from the ground.
  • Barefoot Inspired - Wearing this barefoot you’ll engage your feet more, and strengthen the muscle fibers that get neglected when you’re all laced up. With stronger accessory muscles in the foot, injury rates were expected to drop and running efficiency would improve.
  • Lightweight & Flexible - The flexible synthetic mesh upper provide breathability when you are doing workout or running, breathable mesh design and insoles can keep your feet away from damp conditions.
  • Various Activities - This trail running shoes are suitable for many occasions, such as walking,training, running, jogging, physical exercises, daily gym sports and so on. You can also wear it as a water shoe.

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